Wednesday, November 30, 2011


These buns are called tekaka in Swedish, meaning tea-time buns. They are a cross between flatbread and buns, sweet and fluffy, so fluffy that they melt in your mouth while you eat them. Everyone in my family loves these buns. We love tekaka so much we fight over the last one. :) It is that good. We typically buy tekaka at the local store-cum-bakery nearby because it is more convenient but for Christmas I decided to make these for breakfast.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to read that I had received an "Inspirational Award" by Sonali at OnlyFishRecipes. I was and still am ecstatic about it. It's such a nice way to wrap up this year and my 3 months of blogging adventures. Thank you Sonali for the award. The awardee is suppose to answer 8 questions as well, and I have answered them down below, please scroll down if you are interested in reading them. The awardee is also supposed to pass down the award to fellow bloggers and I have listed the names and blogs of people I would like to pass on this award to.

50 g compressed yeast
2 cups water
100 g butter
1 tsp of salt
10 tbs caster sugar
5 1/2-6 cups all-purpose flour

Heat the water to 37 C (fingerwarm) in a pan. In a separate pan, melt the butter at low heat. Measure the flour, add sugar and salt and mix. Put aside. Crumble the yeast in a large bowl. Pour the finger-warm water over it. Mix and dissolve any large yeast chunks with your hand. Add the butter and mix. Add the flour. Mix with a wooden spoon till everything comes together. Place the dough, on a floured surface. Knead and work it for about 10 minutes. Place it back in the bowl and let it rest, covered with a cloth, for 35 minutes. Do not let it rest for more than 35 minutes because the yeast thrives on sugar and if you let the dough yeast for more than 35 minutes the first time (you have to let them rest again after shaping them), the tekaka may not turn out sweet at all.

Knead the dough lightly and press out the trapped air in the buns. You can either roll out the flour and knife out flat-bread like buns or divide the dough into equal portions/balls and then flatten them out. Stick the buns with a fork, all the way down. Let them rest for 10 minutes. Bake them in the middle part of a preheated oven at 200 C (400 F) until they get a nice colour. Let them cool covered in a cloth and keep them in an airtight container. Now, more about the award. :)

My congratulations to you, Sonali, and thanks a bunch for passing on this award to me. I would like to pass on this "Inspirational Award" to the following bloggers:

Amy of FoodCorner
Mahi of Mahi's Kitchen
Reva of Kaarasaaram
Sangeetha of Spicy Treats
Sudha of Wit, wok & wisdom


Nalini's Kitchen said...

Congrats dear...First time here,you got a wonderful space with delicious recipes,please do drop at my space.

Unknown said...

I can't hardly stand it how sweet you are!!! I'm so excited to be bloggy friends with you!!! I totally want to try all of your are SUPER TALENTED!!! Wishing you the best year yet in 2012!!!

XO, Aimee

Sangeetha M said...

lovely looking buns, nice recipe
congrats on the award n nice knowing you more...thanks a ton for sharing it with me, it means a lot to me n sure will post it in my space soon :)
Spicy Treats
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Mahi said...

Congrats on your 1st award Rathai! Thanks a bunch for sharing it with me!

Mahi said...

Tekaka...hearing this name for the 1st time. Never used/seen compresses yeast also. Can it be replaced with active dry/ rapid raise yeast?

Rathai's recipe said...

Nalini: thank you for the wishes dear. You too have a wonderful site. I LOVED all the cookie recipes. :)

Aimee: I was really surprised by the fast reply. It's really nice to see you here. You REALLY have a very inspiring blog. :)

Sangee: We all know you deserve that award. You have inspired me and I am sure other readers as well with your fast, tempting recipes and your STUNNING pictures. :)

Mahi: thank you and yes honey, you can use active dry yeast. Apart from your very mouthwatering recipes, I love to read your sweet comments. :)

God bless you guys and Happy New Year to everyone! :)

Amy said...

Buns look tasty!! And first of all congratulations on your awards!!I am really happy for sharing it with me too...Thanks a ton,that means a lot...Also glad to know more about you as written.Sorry for the late response as I was stucked with some office work....Wish you a Great New Year & May all your dreams come true..

Only Fish Recipes said...

wow...the buns look wonderful..perfectly made...wishing u n ur family a very happy new year :-)

Sudha said...

Dear Rathai,
This is so amazing - thanks so much for thinking of me,I am absolutely humbled:)I'm sorry that I replied late - I was on vacation the last few days of 2011.I will surely blog about this award very soon and it was so nice knowing more about you.Thanks once again and Happy New Year to you!

Sudha said...

Hi Rathai,
I have blogged about the award -

Do visit sometime for a look and thanks once again:)

Rathai's recipe said...

Amy, thank you sweet Amy. Happy New Year to you too.

Sudha, I hope you had a wonderful vacation. We have been missing you and you witty writings in the blogosphere.